A Look into My Values and How I Serve

hi there - I'm Amanda

My Work

When it comes to your wedding or portrait photography, I want to create images that are undeniably authentic, and remind you what it feels like to be unashamedly you.

I want to blend into your wedding day, letting things unfold as naturally as possible, so you can be 100% present and fully enjoy the whole experience. While we will set aside designated time for portraits throughout the day, I never want your day to be about me, or my schedule, or my work. Your day is about you, and I want it to stay that way. So you’ll have a blend of truly candid and curated images to tell the story of your wedding day.

If you feel awkward or think you’ll look stiff on camera, I’ve got you. Because I get it–being in front of a camera can feel super weird. But it’s okay. I’ll give you lots of direction so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Portrait time might be the only alone time you get in the midst of your wedding day, so I aim to make it fun and stress-free.

By the way, my years of experience as a theater director make rounding up your rowdy groomsmen or crazy family a breeze. I know how to handle large groups so that your photos are done quickly, but I keep things light in the process. I’m not afraid to snatch a beer out of someone’s hand so they can focus for a few minutes, with the promise that I’ll get them back to all the fun in no time.

Which reminds me–I’m not going to take you away from your day. Sure, I believe that wedding photography is super important, but portraits shouldn’t take hours. You should enjoy your wedding day, and spend it with the people who chose to come celebrate with you. I want to see you enjoying your cocktail hour, hanging out with the people you love. So I make it my personal mission to help organize your timeline so that photos take as little time as we need.

My Style

I love clean, light-filled images, inspired by the timelessness and texture of film. Bright skin tones and true-to-life colors. I never want my editing to take away from the story of your day. As much as possible, I want your images to remind you how your wedding day felt, so I like my editing to reflect your day as authentically as possible.

If we have time, I like to experiment with light and movement. So we might get the chance to create something that pushes me outside of my creative bounds and captures your story in a really unique way.

While creating beautiful and timeless images is something that I’m really proud of, truly, my heart is people.

My Heart

I started my business because I saw a hole in the industry that I believed I could fill. I stayed in business because I love connecting with people, creating space for you to be yourself, and helping you see how amazing you really are.

I like to sum it up in these two concepts: freedom and rest.

I believe that you (and everyone, really) should have the freedom to think and feel, and to live a life that is full of choices and authenticity. So when you’re in front of my camera, my goal is to provide a safe space for you to be who you really are and to tell your version of your story. 

As a photographer, it’s my job to capture you at your best, fully free and 100% yourself. More often than not, when I’m editing pictures that really showcase who you are, I find myself dreaming of a future where your kids and grandkids are inspired by these images because they can feel what you were feeling. Like, wow. I just want that for you so much.

More than anything, I love people. 

I also believe that you deserve rest. I know that life doesn’t always allow time for you to slow down, but when you’re in front of my camera, the pressure is off. No expectations. And I’ll be there, giving you all the support you need. So whatever crazy season of life you’re in, I hope that working with me will be a restful experience for you. Because I believe that you deserve it.

So circling back to weddings, there’s a lot of pressure to have a perfect wedding. With extravagant tablescapes, and the perfect colors, and the party that all your friends will want to talk about for years… I’m not here to rain on your parade or anything, but I promise you don’t need those things to be happy.

Remember that your wedding day is about you, the people you love, and the story you want to tell. After all, isn’t that the reason why you’re having a wedding in the first place?

Hold on to that. It’s what really matters.

My Couples

They prioritize the things that matter, and they are laid back about the rest.

They are deep thinkers who care about their people and the world around them.

They know how to party.

They have a great sense of style.

They are SO excited about marriage and doing life with their person.

They care about having timeless photos that REALLY capture who they are.

They want to connect with me on a personal level, which I absolutely LOVE.

If any of this sounds like you, or if it resonated with you, you are in the right place. I’ll bet there’s a chance that I’m your soulmate photographer, and that we can create magic together.

So here’s the next step: contact me. Fill out the contact form and tell me everything that’s on your mind–whatever you’re willing to share. From there, we will chat through all the details and see if we are as good a fit as I hope we are! I’m excited to hear from you!

I work with people of all kinds, and I love the diversity of my clients. But over the years, I’ve found that most of my clients have a number of things in common…

My Pricing

I believe in creating options that serve my clients well. So you can choose the option that fits your photography needs best:

The Complete Wedding Experience

The A La Carte Wedding Experience

The Portrait Experience

The Complete Wedding Experience is $5000, and it’s truly the best value packed into one collection. This experience includes 8 hours of wedding coverage with a second shooter, an engagement session, heirloom albums for both your engagement and your wedding, as well as modern bouquet preservation with The Heirloom Bouquet, a digital gallery and cloud backup of your images, a personal print release, and all of my experience with creating timelines and helping prepare you for a stress-free wedding photography experience.

You have the option to add additional hours of wedding coverage, a boudoir session, a honeymoon or newlywed session, canvas prints or gallery walls…whatever ideas you have, there’s a place for it here! Ask me about pricing for additional items in your collection!

Wondering if the complete wedding experience is for you? Complete the contact form below, and we’ll talk it out!

The A la Carte Wedding Experience begins at $2000 and includes 4 hours of wedding coverage, a digital gallery and cloud backup of your images, a personal print release, and my years of experience to assist you along the way. This is just the most basic form of this collection, and you have the option to add in the elements that would create your dream wedding photography experience.

Additional hours of wedding coverage
Second shooter
Engagement session
Boudoir session
Honeymoon/newlywed session
Heirloom albums
Modern bouquet preservation with The Heirloom Bouquet
Canvas prints or other print options

The Portrait Experience begins at $500 and includes 60-75 minutes of coverage, a digital gallery and cloud backup of your images, and a personal print release. This experience is designed for couples, seniors, and families who want to create core memories in your current stage of life. Your portrait experience is a truly personal experience that we will craft together, from choosing outfits and locations to designing albums or gallery walls.

When you add albums or prints to your portrait experience, know that I can shoot your session with your print products in mind. If you’re wanting a specific kind of portrait to hang above your fireplace, talk to me about it! I’d love to help you furnish your home with pictures that you’ll love forever.

Wondering if the portrait experience is right for you? Complete the contact form below, and we’ll talk it out!

If you have an idea for what you’d like to see in your wedding collection, let’s talk about it! I’d love to help you create a truly custom collection just for you. If you’re not sure how many hours of wedding coverage you’ll need, no worries–we can figure it out together! I’ve been building timelines for years, and I have a system that will help you easily calculate the amount of coverage you’ll need.

Note: When you book at least 6 hours of wedding coverage, I include an engagement session in your collection as my gift to you. I truly believe in the value of engagement sessions, and I hope you’ll take me up on this offer.

Wondering if the a la carte wedding experience is for you? Complete the contact form below, and we’ll talk it out!