Here's What You Might Learn over a Cup of Coffee

hi there - I'm Amanda

I’m a communications nerd, turned marketing specialist, turned college professor, turned wedding photographer and bridal coach. It’s been a crazy journey, and honestly, I’m obsessed.

I'm a skip-the-small-talk kinda person, and I truly love connecting with people on a personal level. All of my favorite memories from the past year had a common theme: quality time and memorable conversation with people that I care about. And I'm confident that this theme will continue.

So welcome, and thank you for being here. I genuinely hope that I get the chance to connect with you. I've compiled a few details below that you might learn if we sat down over a cup of coffee, so read on to get to know me a little bit!

I’m an army wife and a theater buff, and if you invite me out for tacos, I won’t say no. I love all the usual things…coffee, music, and movies. I also love some unusual things…like Star Trek, reading too many books at once, and eating spicy food when I’m feeling homesick.

I’m an ambivert and a Human Design Projector. And if you ever want to talk about personality types, I’m down. Humans are so cool, and the lifelong learner in me just soaks up every second.

My name is Amanda.

And here’s my favorite thing–

I’m a second-generation American. My dad was a refugee in the Vietnam War, and his story has shaped so much of my life. He taught me courage, excellence, confidence, curiosity, and so many other things that have made me who I am today. I’m happy to talk about any of the things I’ve listed here, but this one makes me the proudest.

I hope that we can work together, but in the meantime, if you just want to connect in a casual way, hop over to Instagram and follow me there. I share my photography work there, but I also like to share slices of life now and then.

I love connecting with my clients on Instagram, so shoot me a DM and say hi! I’d love to hear from you!


a.  Valentine's Day
b.  July 4th
c.  Thanksgiving
d.  Christmas

7. my favorite holiday:

a.  love for tacos
b.  personal client experience
c.  deep conversation
d.  all of the above

6. people know me by mY:

5. current song on repeat:

a.  fresh flowers in my kitchen
b.  light-filled spaces
c.  watching the sunset on the water
d.  all of the above

4. i'm inspired most by:

3. i'd love to never go a day without...

a.  dancing in the kitchen with my niece
b.  girls trip to Nashville #nashbash
c.  meeting Chuck Norris 
d.  the 21st night of September

2. all-time favorite memory:

a.  playing with my dog, Cinnamon
b.  curling up with a good book
c.  making homemade Vietnamese food
d.  working on my home reno

1. in my free time, you'll find me: