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Genuine connection. Beautiful images. Intentional stories.

What if you not only had the wedding of your dreams, but became the bride you want to be?

I’m a Wisconsin-based wedding photographer dedicated to creating timeless images as beautiful as your wildest dreams.

But what I care about most is helping you become the bride you want to be, by empowering you to choose what matters most for your wedding day.

Hi, I'm Amanda.


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Couples that work with me value honesty and intentionality, and they trust me to take care of all the details. Together, we will approach your wedding day with great care, craft images that focus on the story you want to tell, and create space for you to enjoy a stress-free wedding day. Because you are empowered to choose what matters to you.


"You knew how to direct and tell the story of our wedding."

"You knew how to handle yourself with a variety of people and were in charge, but adaptable, so I felt comfortable. I was able to just remember and enjoy the day without worrying if I would get good pictures. From start to finish, you were professional and on top of it. You were organized, detail oriented and took all worry off my shoulders because you knew how to get everyone to cooperate. You knew how to direct and tell the story of our wedding. Also your editing has a lovely taste of vintage and blissful romance that I love."

- Lydia & Joel


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My life's goal is to start with intentionality in all things. And I approach my work with that in mind, creating images that do more than just remind us—they connect us to moments in time and to one another. 

I believe in sharing what I've Learned.

Building a business isn't easy—especially in a saturated market. So I've compiled all my best resources to share with you, because a rising tide lifts all boats. My desire is to serve you, and I hope that we can change the world together.

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I'm ready to help you align with your values and plan a wedding day experience that's undeniably yours. I can't wait to encourage and empower you to make the choices that matter the most to you. Because you and your values deserve to shine bright.