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There's something to be said about intentionality when it comes to photography. While we often think of candids as the most authentic form of photography, it's the moments that we enter into with purpose and intention that tend to mean the most to us. They may result in a candid expression, but it's the intention that makes it a treasured memory. My desire is to capture that intention with grace and skill, knowing that legacies are built on the foundation of intentional love and remembrance.

Assuming you don’t know anything about me, let me introduce myself. I’m Amanda—a Wisconsin-based wedding and portrait photographer in love with how authenticity and intentionality can weave a story that turns into a legacy.

I love good coffee, good books, and great conversation. But the most important thing that you need to know about me is that I love people, and my dream is to see you create your legacy—whether its your story impacting your children and grandchildren, or your business impacting the world.

Hi, friend.


PHOTOGRAPHY That makeS legacY out of love and memorY out of moments.

You don't want to just experience the significant moments in life—you want to remember them. I know because I feel that way, too. The beauty of intentional living is that every moment is part of a story—your story. And I'm here to help you document the story that will be your legacy.


"You knew how to direct and tell the story of our wedding."

"You knew how to handle yourself with a variety of people and were in charge, but adaptable, so I felt comfortable. I was able to just remember and enjoy the day without worrying if I would get good pictures. From start to finish, you were professional and on top of it. You were organized, detail oriented and took all worry off my shoulders because you knew how to get everyone to cooperate. You knew how to direct and tell the story of our wedding. Also your editing has a lovely taste of vintage and blissful romance that I love."

- Lydia & Joel


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My life's goal is to start with intentionality in all things. And I approach my work with that in mind, creating images that do more than just remind us—they connect us to moments in time and to one another. 

I believe in sharing what I've Learned.

Building a business isn't easy—especially in a saturated market. So I've compiled all my best resources to share with you, because a rising tide lifts all boats. My desire is to serve you, and I hope that we can change the world together.

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Are you ready to craft your legacy with me?

Whether you're entering a new stage of life or wanting to document the everyday ordinary, I want to hear about it and help you create something beautiful. Let's connect about your wedding or portrait session. I can't wait to see your legacy come to life.