And I can promise that I’m gonna love yours.

I love a good story.

Let’s be real--there’s something vulnerable about being in front of a camera. For some people, that vulnerability is easy. For others, it isn’t. I’m not here to judge whether it’s easy or hard. But I am here to help you see that your vulnerability is beautiful. It tells your story in a way that only you can. So give me all the laughter, the secret smiles, the kisses, even the tears. They help me tell your story, and for generations down the road, that is going to be a really special story to tell.

So is it possible that I’m your soulmate photographer?

If you like lots of positive affirmation and enjoy a good laugh, we might be a good fit! I’d love to hear what you’re looking for in your photos and in your photography experience--I already know that I’m gonna love your story!

With eight hours of coverage, an engagement session, handcrafted heirloom albums, a digital gallery of your images, and access to my support throughout our time together, my aim is to craft an experience that reflects what means most to you.

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If the full experience isn't for you, you have the option to build a custom experience with the elements that will make your day perfect. You can choose your amount of coverage, digital or print delivery, and add on whatever you need!

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"You knew how to handle yourself with a variety of people and were in charge, but adaptable, so I felt comfortable. I was able to just remember and enjoy the day without worrying if I would get good pictures. From start to finish, you were professional and on top of it. You were organized, detail oriented and took all worry off my shoulders because you knew how to get everyone to cooperate. You knew how to direct and tell the story of our wedding. Also your editing has a lovely taste of vintage and blissful romance that I love."

- Lydia & Joel


"I loved how personal our experience was to us as a couple. Amanda made it a point to know what shots were the most important for us to have at the end of the day, and she made it happen. The pictures are perfect and I will forever smile when I look at them. Amanda has the best, most encouraging attitude when shooting. And our pictures really are something special that will carry down through the future generations of my family. They are such a special heirloom to pass to my children one day; to see where it all started and to give them an example of love."

- Emma & Josh

"Her goal was to serve us the best way she could, and she did just that!"

"Amanda was a pleasure to work with! She made the effort to get to know Jud and me, as well as our story. She was so encouraging as she directed us into different poses and took shots from all angles. Her goal was to serve us the best way she could, and she did just that! I love all of the memories that she captured. She is so focused on getting to know her clients and building a legacy for them. She is so encouraging as she takes pictures, making us feel like we are perfect models. Amanda is not just a great photographer, but has become a great friend." 

- Megan & Jud


"I really enjoyed that Amanda is a bit outside the box because of my tendency to be a bit more artistic in how things are arranged. Those photos, in particular, stood out to be extremely unique and would be difficult to replicate. I have already recommended her as a photographer to several other couples! She was passionate about what she does and loves love stories. It really shows through the images. I feel like for weddings everyone wants to hit certain checkboxes when it comes to documenting their day, but they miss out on intimate and true moments between the couple."

- Mary & Chris

"Your expectations won't be met, They will be exceeded!"

"Simplicity, organization, and quality--that's what I wanted for our wedding day, and Amanda delivered! She was easy, organized, supportive, and artistic. My favorite images show us in our rawest form. Being able to see and feel joy from an image is what I love most! Whatever your desires and expectations are, know that whatever you're thinking, Amanda will be three steps ahead. Your expectations won't be met, they will be exceeded!"

- Rachel & Matt

"They're all our best moments as a couple captured ON CAMERA."

"Our experience with Amanda was absolutely phenomenal and overwhelmingly positive. She made it so easy to just relax and enjoy ourselves. Our favorite images are just us being ourselves. They're all our best moments as a couple captured on camera. Amanda is so worth it. Even though we had a less-than-ideal situation, and we met for the first time the day before our wedding, she put me at ease right away, and I never had to worry about anything. She took charge and took care of everything so I didn't have to stress out. Trust what Amanda says. She's knows what she's doing."

- Erika & Erik

"She captured real emotion on our wedding day."

"Amanda is an amazing photographer and we loved how the pictures turned out. The pictures had a raw quality and captured real emotion on our wedding day. She was easy to work with both leading up to and during the event. We appreciated her punctuality on the day of the event and with delivering the pictures to us."

- Mitzi & Peter

"She captures little moments so we can keep them forever."

"I knew Amanda would dedicate herself to giving us beautiful memories to share and I love her style of shooting weddings. I can tell she wants to get the absolute best out of every photo--to capture little moments so we can keep them forever. She offers those snapshots in a beautiful fashion that is lost on a world full of selfies. Amanda does such a good job in making people feel so comfortable. It's not an impersonal shoot, she gets to know people's wants and needs and their comfort level. It was an experience I am happy to tell people about!"

- Alicia & James

"she will make you feel as special as possible on your special day!"

"Amanda made me feel absolutely beautiful and was so sweet and encouraging with every pose she put us in! I would absolutely recommend her to other couples!! She's so amazing and incredibly talented! She has such a good heart, and she will make you feel as special as possible on your special day!"

- Jessie & Josh

"our photography experience was so fun and smooth."

"Amanda was not only a great photographer, but a great team-member for us on our wedding day. She was super organized and our photography experience was so fun and smooth."

- Hannah & Bridger













How it ALL works

I love shooting weddings because I love creating beautiful things and telling stories in the most beautiful way. Your wedding day happens so fast, and I get the honor of helping you and your family remember all the nuances of your day. Every part of it deserves to be remembered, and I believe that heirloom albums and prints are a big part of that. I also love working with people. Because I am both introverted and extroverted, I will navigate your wedding day with ease and hopefully help you and your family do the same. I value your trust and can't wait to serve you on your wedding day.

Freeze this special moment in your relationship and revel in the impact your love story. I encourage every couple to invest in an engagement session. It can be booked alone or as part of your dream wedding package.



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"Trust Amanda, She knows what she's doing."

"Our experience with Amanda was surprisingly natural, comfortable, and easy. She's also fast, very efficient, and friendly. Our favorite images were, in fact, the ones we didn't think we would like. When we got our photos back, we were proven wrong. Trust Amanda, she knows what she's doing. She may have you pose in ways you aren't as keen on, but those photos may very well be the ones you treasure the most. Hire Amanda. You won't regret it. Her experience and quality is proven in the photos themselves."

- Samantha & Jeffrey

"Our engagement session created some of my absolute favorite photos of us as a couple."

"Our engagement session created some of my absolute favorite photos of us as a couple. I think it was due to it just being us, making Chris feel more comfortable especially with his uncertainty in photography and feeling pressured to look good (when he already is!) We'd love to hire you again sometime in the future for more couples photos! I have already recommended you as a potential photographer to several other couples, telling them that they will get a quality product unique to them!"

- Mary & Chris



- Taryn & Adrian

"we smiled and laughed the whole time."

"Amanda did a great job with our engagement pictures. I didn't know her beforehand, and I didn't know what to expect during the session. She was very personable and we smiled and laughed the whole time. The pictures turned out amazing and I am very glad that we made the investment."

- Olivia & Brett

"I can’t imagine having a better photographer!"

"Amanda is amazing and we love her! I can’t imagine having a better photographer! We absolutely LOVE how our pictures turned out!"

- Emma & Josh

"We recommend her for sure!"

"Amanda is very professional. She is willing to take pictures in the freezing cold for you, and is always cordial! She has a great sense of humor and style to her photography, capturing the moments as they happen organically rather than creating forced still shots. We recommend her for sure!"

- Dawn & Jacob

"Working with Amanda is like being best friends or family with your photographer!"

"Working with Amanda is like being best friends or family with your photographer! I love how Amanda makes you feel comfortable, and she takes great interest in you as a person. She makes you feel important and loved! She doesn't treat you like a plain ole client but like one of her friends!"

- Rachel & Michael

"Trusting her has given me photos that I adore."

"It's hard to find someone you feel an instant connection and trust with, but I always feel relaxed and excited to work with Amanda.  Some of my favorite photos came from trusting and believing in Amanda's vision for the shoot. I promise you will always look back and think, "I'm so happy I chose her as my photographer." Trust in Amanda's ideas for photos. She is working to give you a keepsake to look back on for years to come, and she doesn't take that responsibility lightly. Trusting her has given me photos that I adore."

- Alicia & James

Let's showcase your personality and focus on what makes you worthy--worthy of story, worthy of impact, worthy of remembering. Intentionality is the key here, and I want to see you shine.

startING at $500


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"You captured her personality so perfectly."

"We love Tori’s senior pictures. You captured her personality so perfectly and of course we think that they are just beautiful. Looking at them was a bittersweet moment for us. Your pictures reminded us that time has sped by and our family is changing. Your photos will always remind us of our journey to this point and how special this moment is in Tori’s life. Thank you for taking time to be a part of her life and for the impact you have made on her. I don’t know how I will ever chose which picture is my favorite so I might just have to hang them all!"

- Tori's Mom

"She felt like an old friend."

"Amanda created a fun and memorable experience with friendly conversation and helpful tips. She was prompt and down to earth. She felt like an old friend that was more than happy to help out. She kept the session professional, yet fun. She answered all my questions in a very reassuring manner that allowed me to look my best in every photo. I love how she used the natural surroundings to bring out the color in my outfit. Book Amanda for an outdoor session. Take advantage of her eye to find the sweet spot with the best natural surroundings for your photos!"

- Tiffany

"She knows how to make you love yourself on camera."

"Amanda was the first person to show me how to take fantastic and painless portraits. She put me at ease and taught me how to pose so I looked great in every photo. She knows how to help her clients relax and be comfortable so she can catch their natural laugh in her images. For a person who is normally behind the camera and definitely not used to any sort of posing in front of the camera, I appreciate how Amanda knows how to pose her clients without making them feel uncomfortable. She walks you through the process as she's taking photos of you and knows how to make you love yourself on camera."

- Lauren

"Amanda is a natural director who balances her vision with her clients hopes for their shoot."

"Amanda is a natural director who balances her vision with her clients' hopes for their shoot. As families expand, relocate, and navigate the busyness of everyday life, photos become harder and harder to get, and that makes the few good ones you have all the more treasured. My favorite images are those which capture my family--all 6 of us--looking as happy to be together as we feel. Amanda will not only provide you with beautiful images at the end of your time with her, but she will also provide you with all her support and expertise along the way."

- Rachel

"She made me realize that it's possible not to hate every photo of myself."

"Amanda showed an artistic eye for detail in every single step of the process. It is rare that I like posed photos, but I loved each of the poses we did. They looked natural, and almost entirely candid. Amanda helped me feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and I love every single one of my photos. I felt like Amanda cared about how these photos turned out just as much as I did. To be blunt, she made me realize that it's possible not to hate every photo of myself. You will absolutely love Amanda, her process, and every photo you receive. Trust her when it comes to every stage of the process. It's worth it."

- Charis

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